Barcelona Inaki Williams

?Barcelona’s professional killer .. Who is Inaki Williams

سرق مهاجم أتليتك بلباو إيناكي ويليامز الأضواء في السوبر الإسباني

نهائي الكأس الذي جلب فريقه. . معا ضد برشلونة


سجل وليامز هدف الفوز القاتل لفريقه على برشلونة (3-2) في

نهائي كأس السوبر الإسباني ، مساء الأحد ، على ملعب “لا كارتوجا” بإشبيلية ، ليمنح بلباو لقبه الثالث في البطولة.

من هو ايناكي ويليامز

ويليامز من أصل غاني ، حيث هاجر والديه إلى إسبانيا من غانا سيرًا على الأقدام قبل ولادته في بلباو ، حيث استقروا بعد وصولهم


قضى ويليامز طفولته في بامبلونا ولعب مع أحد المحليين

clubs there, attracted the attention of Athletic Bilbao scouts, and took advantage of his birth in the Basque Country to join the club, whose players must be from the region


In 2013, the young striker traveled to Basconia, the club, which rivals the lowest levels in the Spanish League, and then quickly returned to Athletic Bilbao after one year, to represent the reserve team


In the 2014-2015 season, Williams took advantage of the injury of veteran striker Areitz Adores, got the opportunity to participate with the first team, and took advantage of it well to become since then one of the main pillars of the Bilbao squad with successive coaches


It is worth noting that the 26-year-old played for the Spanish youth team between 2015 and 2017, and wore the first team shirt in a single match in 2016

Williams’ brilliance against Barcelona is usual, as the Catalan team ranks second among the teams most scored by the Bilbao player, after Amoripita, the Spanish third-tier competitor, who scored 7 times


Williams fought 17 games against Barcelona in various competitions, and he is the team he has played the most against, scoring 6 goals and making one goal


Williams’ goals contributed to Bilbao winning twice over Barcelona before the Super Cup, they were in the Copa del Rey, the first being the 2016-2017 season when he scored the second goal in the 2-1 victory in the first leg of the 16th round, and the second last year when he scored a deadly goal in the maximum stoppage time. By Barcelona from the quarter-finals, winning 1-0


وفي تصريحات متلفزة بعد نهائي السوبر ، قال ويليامز إن هدفه ضد برشلونة كان الأفضل في مسيرته ، نظرًا لقيمته

Barcelona Inaki Williams

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